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How quickly will your office be set?


You are leaving us with the contract and all documents necessary for incorporation in 1 hour.

 If you cannot visit our office personaly, we can arrange the particulars by correspondence.

 In case of change of address your company's headquarters in Prague, just a decision to transfer the statutory body (one or more directors). Suffice it then, when you come and choose the appropriate in our "package" or to be settled between individual solutions. Following the conclusion of the contract and sublease rent payment you receive all the documents required for registration in the Trade and Companies Register.

 If no current address at your company in Prague there is a change of the memorandum - the social contract, which must be made ​​by means of a notarial deed, where it is necessary to note that the seat of your company is at: Prague.

 When starting a new company, also indicate the social contract in the legal address of Prague. In these cases we will need a copy of the notarial deed.

  Our office meets all the conditions required by law for the seat.

 (For example, the obligation to mark the headquarters company name and ID to prove ownership or other right of use

 the premises where the headquarters is located, etc.).

  To answer Your questions, please contact us.