Prague office english


Please look at the 8 reasons to use our services:

  1. Parking is free, with plenty of parking spaces
  2. Saving money - do not pay for office rent, salaries, heating, water, electricity, etc.
  3. Good address in Prague
  4. Offices are being operated in our own property - no risk you would be forced to move to another address in the future
  5. Meeting room with access to the Internet for interactions with clients, business partners, employees or bureaus
  6. We can arrange a complete administrative services for you
  7. We don´t charge for a deposit or entrance fees
  8. You obtain access to the system by which you can set up online services as needed

The building of our virtual office has plenty of free parking spaces.
You can come here anytime you want without the risks associated with parking in the city center and take advantage of renting meeting rooms (after the telephone booking).

If you rent your own office, then be sure that the total monthly charges are much higher than the amount for which we provide our services..
„Basic service“ from 490,- CZK/month! For this money you will have registered office at a good Prague address. We will welcome any visitors contacting you here or pass a message, take care of your mail and you will be regularly informed about everything.

We offer services such as receiving faxes, telephone calls, recording messages and resending to email. Phone, mail and courier deliveries forwarded at an address given by you. Optionally, we can scan the letters received and send to your e-mail. Plese, read about our other services: Company for key, Ready-made company, IT service, accounting services, archiving and retention services. 
Our clients appreciate our coordinating system through which they can easily subscribe or cancel selected services of PRAGUE OFFICE, without having to meet with our staff. All from the comfort of home.

These are at least 8 good reasons to try our services for businesses.